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Hi! My name is Teresa Gutiérrez. I am a galician lady, language and world cultures lover. An industrial engineer, I developed my professional career as a consultant in a number of engineering related fields. In parallel, I also developed my career as a translator and interpreter throughout the years. An avid reader and traveler, always eager to learn and discover new things, I am devoted to my friends and hope some day you will be part of them, either as a reader, a partner, a client… or any combination of these!

that’s IT is the platform I created in order to:

  • offer and provide my translation and consulting services as a freelance professional.
  • communicate with my clients, partners and colleagues from both industries.

I wish it will help me improve my services step by step, and in turn contribute to your projects by adding value with what I do.

Between you and me, if you wan’t to know more about teresa and that’s IT

I help…

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    Spanish SMEs and freelance professionals internationalize their businesses to English, French and Portuguese speaking countries.

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    English, French and Portuguese speaking SMEs and freelance professionals with their communication and business development in Spain.

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    SMEs and freelance professionals who need written and oral communication support in technical, IT, engineering and business areas.

how I can help

I help you with issues such as:

  • “I would need to attend an industry event in Spanish language in Madrid, but I don’t have the necessary resources to help me with the language; I guess an interpreter is pretty expensive too.”
  • “I would like to explore business in Algeria, but I can’t speak French and I don’t know how to best approach it.”
  • “I already learned how deadly a bad translation can be for my business. Where can I find reliable translation and interpreting services?”
  • “I need to answer to an RFP in English, but my staff don’t have the required language fluency: Where can I go? How much would it cost me?”
  • “What is a reasonable price for a translation? I have a limited budget.”
  • “I need my web page translated into French, Spanish, and Portuguese, but most web developers do not provide for the translation. How and where can I get a one-stop solution?”
  • “I need technical support on an international project, but my staff is not fluent enough in French to attend meetings, negotiate or write documents.”
  • “I would need somebody to help me with the communication in the Brazilian market: mails, sales materials, offers, technical documents… A partner that could even team up with me in missions and meetings in Brazil, if necessary.”
  • “I find it difficult to trust the translations I usually get in very specialized technical subjects. I had some really bad experiences in the past. How can I make sure I will receive a quality translation made by professionals with true knowledge of the subject matter?”

I help you with issues such as:

  • “What do I need to do to get ISO-27001 certified?”
  • “I need professional advice on my on line marketing strategy.”
  • “Some of my business activities are using too much time and resources: how can I get things done in a more efficient way?
  • “I need my IT department to be more efficient and business oriented. Where do I start?”
  • “How can I make sure I manage my project portfolio in the most efficient way without giving up on quality?”
  • “I would need to draw a medium term systems plan to support my business processes and activities.”
  • “I want to manage my IT processes as per ITIL v3 best practices, but I don’t want tons of literature and months of consulting effort to finally get lost or stuck in shelves.”

for example, I can help you if you need:

  • a specialized consultant to participate in an international project.
  • timely support in international project management.
  • help with technical offers production in an of my fields of expertise, where documentation needs to be written in any of my four working languages or in more than one of them.
  • help with European Project applications fo the current European Commission Framework Programme.
  • communication support with your business partners in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish languages.
  • any specific need you may have regarding consulting or project management aspects that require the use of language capabilities you don’t currently have.

Tell me about your specific needs and I commit to thoroughly studying it and coming back to you with an action plan proposal for you to consider.

why me?

well, because…


ever since I was a child I received a solid background in languages, starting at the Lycée Français de Madrid, where I attended primary ans secondary schools and obtained my high school certification, following the French education scheme, together with the Spanish education program..

for more than 25 years I have been participating in international projects and missions in different countries, using all of my working languages (US, France, UK, Germany, Peru, Brazil… even China!). This is why I can honestly tell you I have hands on experience and knowledge of the languages and the cultures, which in my opinion are key to providing high quality work.

ever since I was studying my Engineering Degree, more than 25 years ago, I have been carrying out my activity as a translator and interpreter, in very different environments and responding to different needs.

… all through my career as an international engineer and consultant I have had the opportunity to work for clients in different industries (aerospace, microelectronics, telecommunications, transport, tourism, media, insurance, financial, public administrations); this helped me acquire a broad vision on the problems, needs and expectations of a number of clients, and to know how to manage in different environments and under different conditions.

… I happen to be an engineer who is also a translator, this is why as a translator I am specialized in the subject areas on which I have been working for years as an engineer and consultant. My technical specialization goes hand in hand with my deep language knowledge.

… I am a freelance professional myself and I have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties SMEs and freelancers have to face on a day-to-day basis to reach our objectives.

a single person can help you both with technical and business matters in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish, making communication transparent to you.

languages are one of my greatest passions, and where we put passion… No doubt we do things better!
This is why you will see that besides my technical specialization I also translate other materials related to music, musical instrument construction, and comic strips, for example.


my linguistic breeding ground
Ever since I was a child, my life went on in several languages, thanks to my grandfather ‘s seed, I think; first in Spanish, then in French after joining the French school (Lycée Français de Madrid) at the age of six, then in English, and some time later in Portuguese. All of them are part of my daily life, and in all of them I speak, read, work, learn, and last but not least… I enjoy!
All through the years, first as a student and later as a professional, I have been developing both my careers in parallel: as an engineer and consultant on one hand, and as a translator and interpreter on the other.

languages draw my life
Languages have set the course of my life to a great extent. Choosing my career was obviously an important milestone, but once my studies finished, the opportunities that came along and what differentiated me from my colleagues was all about languages. Languages opened for me some important doors that remained closed for most of my very talented classmates.

my biggest engineering work!
Languages impacted my life to the point that what I consider my most important achievement has to do with them. I had the privilege to help build the bridges of communication (my biggest engineering work!) between two people driven apart by culture and language as a result of dramatic facts that took place in their lives many years ago. My bit contributed to a dream come true, a dream in which I take part today and that moves me very deeply.

my passion and my motivation
This is why it is very important to me to be able to help people break the communication barriers in any domain, either in business or in life in general, and again this is why I contribute as much as I can translating as a volunteer for some NGOs (Intermón OXFAM, Translators without Borders).

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… and that’s IT

favicon de that's IT traducciones y consultoría thatsIT 2 Teresa Gutiérrez y that’s IT te ayudan a comunicarte y a expandir tu negocio en países de África francófonos y lusófonos. Te acompaño en viajes de negocios, reuniones comerciales o reuniones técnicas y te doy el soporte que necesites, tanto a nivel de idioma (interpretación) como de negocio o técnico de proyecto (consultoría o gestión de proyectos). thatsIT 4 thatsIT 5 thatsIT 6 thatsIT 7 Slide

As you can guess from the previous words, the idea of that’s IT was slowly forged throughout the years, without any name and with no clear professional or economic objectives at the beginning. It slowly matured, especially for the last few years, as a consequence of my personal evolution and a strong desire to gain decision making power over my activity and over my life as a whole. If I slowly built the foundations and provided myself with the necessary tools one step at a time, it is true that at some point circumstances pushed me to take the leap.

that’s IT is therefore the materialization of a very personal wish and project.

why that’s IT?

  • IT, because my specialized services are related to Information Technologies and connected knowledge areas.
  • why choosing a name in English? Because that’s IT is strongly oriented to helping business clients work in international environments, and today English is probably the most universal language for business.
  • and finally, that’s IT because I am offering you a tailored made solution to fit your specific management and communication needs.

Easy, right? Eureka! 🙂

Asociación Española de Traductores e Interpretes
International Association of Translators and Interpreters